For centuries water has been drawn from the ground by simply digging a hole deep enough to penetrate the water table, this table lies at various depths depending on soil type and rock structure. In some areas water can be found as shallow as 1.5 meters. The water table is supplied from rainfall and any other water laying on the earth’s surface. As water falls to or runs over the ground it is soaked up like a sponge by the soil. This soil is called the permeable layer. As we dig deeper into the ground harder compounds can be found which are referred to as the non permeable layer, the effect of the water reaching this non permeable layer is for it to be halted in its never ending attempt to go deeper as the gravity of the earth pulls it towards its center. Imagine a sponge in a container, as you pour water onto the sponge it will run into and out of it as the container fills . This is the effect of the rainfall, as the container fills up so does the sponge, the container is acting as a non permeable layer stopping the water from running away and thus saturating the sponge or permeable layer with water. We call this area of water an Aquifer and by tapping into the Aquifer we can pump the water to the surface, then connect it to a tap or an irrigation system enabling you to water your plants and lawns.as and when you like.

Topline Borehole & Irrigation is a company Specializing in Water Borehole Drilling, Installations, Repairs & Maintenance of Existing Boreholes, Design & Installation of new Irrigation Systems, Repairs & Maintenance of Existing  Systems. We offer a One Stop Solution for all your water needs, Domestic, Commercial or Agricultural.

Total borehole drilling solution

We offer a total solution, from initial survey through to borehole drilling and turning on the tap and drinking your own pure, fresh water. We are also transparent about our fees & costs, the cost of a water borehole is dependant on many factors.

Residential and Commercial water borehole service

Topline Borehole & Irrigation provide a professional and reliable water borehole service to the private domestic householder, land & property developer and commercial business owner looking to control utilities costs.

An environmentally friendly solution

With growing concerns over our environment and climate change, more and more people are looking to become as self sufficient and environmentally friendly as possible.

Borehole water is naturally cleaner

As water passes through the ground and into the water table it flows through layers of rock and chalk, which act as natural filters. This produces water that is usually far cleaner and purer than the water provided by water companies (ask anyone who has had their supply analyzed).

Why choose Topline Borehole & Irrigation?

We drill & equip boreholes, repair & maintain your existing water borehole to provide everything from a complete alternative to your current supply through to a garden irrigation system.

Topline Borehole & Irrigation are specialists in water borehole drilling to tap into the water table beneath your feet on your own land, and then install a pump system, pipe work, control valves and associated equipment. If required, we will also install UV and standard filtration units to make the water drinkable.

Topline Borehole & Irrigation is a Johannesburg based company, drilling & maintaining boreholes in Gauteng & the Vaal Triangle.  We will be opening  new branches in other provinces in the near future allowing us to offer our specialist services to your region.

Contact us to arrange a no commitment site visit to discuss our services and the possibility of  having your own private water supply.


Water Boreholes

Water boreholes are a modern equivalent to the century old water well, boreholes are smaller, less intrusive and easier to maintain.

Water Boreholes: Your own private water supply

Water boreholes are an alternative to a mains water supply giving you your own personal private water supply. You are free to use this source to provide your home with a pure drinking water supply, or as a domestic water supply for garden or farm irrigation. Topline Boreholes& Irrigation drills & installs water boreholes for many different purposes.

Water boreholes provide stability of water supply

A single borehole has over forty times the water capacity that an average home would need (500–600 litres of water a day).
The average person in Zimbabwe uses 150 litres of water a day. You can extract 20,000 litres of water a day from an average borehole. An average 4 bed house uses approximately 20,000 liters of water a month; this can be extracted from a borehole in 1 day.

Say goodbye to hosepipe bans

A borehole will provide water regardless of climate, and independently of any hosepipe ban. You can turn off your supply from your local water company and stop receiving huge bills, as soon as a borehole is drilled & equipped.


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